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Original Story Written By Steven Tranter


Couple days later, Mum, me and David we went into the town, cause the butchers were having a BBQ, you know. So we went in there to have a freed. And uh…it was a good feed. And then, it was getting late so we all decided to walk back. You know, to where we were staying in that big shed. And ah…It was a beautiful night, like…a bit like now. You know, the moon was lit, you could see where you were going. It was real quiet, real calm night, beautiful night. Anyway we got back to our shed and there was family there camping outside – family that had come up a couple of days before, cause they come up on a troopy a couple of days before about six or seven of them, and they were all camping in swags. Anyway, we all said, ‘Goodnight’ and we went inside, and we put up that cyclone bed up against the main door just to close it you know. And we all went to sleep, lying down there. And I don’t know how long we were asleep for, but all of a sudden, this noise started. Like them shutters. They started to slowly rattle…little bit…yeah – intermittently, like not at the same time, different times. And anyway, it was getting a little bit louder – more abrupt. Like aggressive you know, like angry. And…we woke up. I’m mean didn’t get out of bed. None of us did – we didn’t know what was going on. You know, it was pitch black – couldn’t see anything. There was no wind…nothing – still, like tonight. It was a good night. Anyway… the shutters started to…like someone was slamming them together like (makes shutter clashing sound) knocking em together, you know. And then, next minute, that thing – whatever it was – it started on that door didn’t it, it started pushing on that door. And you could see that cyclone bed – or not see it but you could hear it – hear that cyclone bed, moving, moving. And then he, all of a sudden – he pushed that door open and that cyclone bed went flying, and then you could hear this noise. He come in like (makes groaning sound) He breathing you know, like…groaning and moaning you know. Carrying on brother. Carrying on. And anyway. (Beat) I didn’t know what it was. Cause it was right up in your face too, you could feel it here like this – was in your face. Like angry at you. Anyway… anyway, we jumped up out of bed – well me and Mum did – but my brother David he was…he couldn’t move. He was like…like…um… like petrified. Yeah – stiff as a board. Yeah he didn’t move. Anyway…he were shitting himself. But we all was. And it was still in there – you could feel it brother. Yeah, it was a real bad energy. Anyway, Mum picked him up and carried him outside, and he was stiff while she was carrying him too, like he couldn’t move, he was like that. (Indicates stiff as a board) And we got him out and when we got him out, you know, everything seemed like it changed. Like, it went quiet. I dunno how – it happened that quick. It just disappeared. But it was real like… we found out after, cause we asked everyone like…we said, you know, ‘who used to live there?’ And they said that this old whitefella, old cattle drover used to live there. A skinny fella with a hat. He used to live there…and he was a bit of a racist. Nah he didn’t like blackfellas – I reckon he was angry that we were there, ay. And you know what that old woman said to us afterwards? She said, ‘Ah don’t worry about him! He’s always pushing me around, he always choking me. Always picking on me – but he’s alright’. That’s what she said.