Please do not impersonate the actor’s representation of the below character in the film or television version.


Written By Denis Leary and Peter Tolan


You want us to talk about our feelings? Forget 9-11. Two years ago a black kid, ten years old. I pulled him out of a closet, hot, fire all around he’s burnt, he’s scared, and he’s slipping and sliding around in my arms like a, like a god damn baby seal. And I almost get him outside and then ah his skin, he’s wearing nothing but underwear, and his skin comes off like wrapping paper off of a Christmas present. Slips right out of my arms and falls on the floor. So I pick him up and get him outside, few months later he dies in the burn centre. A year ago a project fire six stories up, one bedroom apartment fifteen people living in it, and I find a little girl. She’s hurt pretty bad, holding a kitten. So I bring her down, six stories, six god damn stories I’m switching my mask off with her and the kitten, her and the kitten and me, her and the kitten and me, and she’s crying up at me the whole time saying, ‘Please Mr.Fireman, please save my kitten, please don’t let anything happen to my kitten Mr. Fireman.’ And I’m biting my tongue, because I hate cats, I think they suck, I come from a dog family. Anyways long story short, cat lived…she didn’t. 9-11, we lost four guys from this house, one of them was my cousin Jimmy. My best friend. Best god damn fireman I ever worked with. Good family man, dedicated American and blah blah blah, you know and every day I have to drive work I drive through my neighbourhood I see guys, drunken assholes I went to high school with standing on the corner high, having a good time and I have to wonder why these assholes are still walking around when Jimmy Keefe ain’t. My cousin the priest says it’s because it’s all part of God’s plan, like God has a plan. You know what…If there is a God, he’s got a shitload of explaining to do.