Growing up in a small town her passion for acting grew out of her fascinated with film.

After her first acting class at the age of 12, this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Over the years she has completed many short courses at Screenwise & ATYP. Madeleine has also completed a degree in make-up and participated in a student exchange program living in the USA for 6 months at age 15. Madeleine thrives off the excitement of creating and discovering new challenges to tackle. Through the unique course that SAS offers Madeleine has had the opportunity to Produce, Co-write and Act in the short film “Paper Thin” and Act in the Short Film “Closure”.  After graduating Madeleine is looking forward to bringing characters from the page to life on the screen.

The idea of being able to bring many different people to life within my career and tell their stories is exciting beyond words.