The one thing I truly believe is that art is in motion & not staring at a computer screen.

I have the gift for movement and expression and I’m going to use it to tell stories through performance mediums to inspire communities and open the minds possibility.

Fuelled by a love of dance, an eye for styling and a passion for stage Genevieve Craig has embarked on the creative pursuit, spurning an investment banking career. Using her Bachelor of Business major in Marketing and Finance in managing a fashion PR business and gained experience in events and presenting.

Genevieve uses effervescent energy and entrepreneurial spirit to help convey important messages like recent work with GetUp and an ABC documentary about domestic violence. Her artistic flair, hip hop and dancehall inspired movement and poetry, alluring energy, unmistakable bounce and fun loving energy has audiences captivated in everything she does from stage to screen to dance.

“I don’t ever want to just bounce on the rainbow, I want to dance to the pot of gold.”