Yassica Switakowski is a Writer, Artist, Singer, Vocal Artist & Screen Actor.

She has worked heavily on sets such as Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”, Channel Tens “Wonderland”, was one of Furiosa’s Doubles in “Mad Max: Fury Road” & is currently working on numerous native & international projects. With the background she’s already established, & her empowering journey at SAS, she’s more than excited to plunge further into the worlds of the Film & Television Industry.

“The one thing I always thrived for in life, is passion, in everything I do. Weather its through my artworks, stories, music, voice, make up artistry or my acting. I have always been a passionate, creative ball of energy who aspires to teach, entertain, help & inspire people. The best thing about having these aspirations & passions, means that I have the grand & beautiful opportunity to achieve them through acting. My life has become adventurous, emotional & exhilarating with these performative opportunities in it.”

Day by day, I remind myself…”Be yourself, everybody else is taken”. Because being in this industry, surrounded by more passionate creatives, means that I can be the epitome of myself every single day.