Acting for me is my world, my North, South, East and West.

Jump-cut a few years – Here’s the scene, age 16, Scholarship to New York Film Academy, bright lights, bubbling streets of human activity – 17 and my box of chocolates is opened, NYFA invites me back but this time it’s L.A. the backlots at Universal Studios, a whirlpool of actors, scripts, makeup lights, Action! This is it.

Cut to – Sydney Actors School – The ideal place for me.

Voice coach, movement class, scenework – I’m loving it. Masterclasses, animation, I can’t get enough, the years have flown.

You are extremely lucky when your work is your hobby and your hobby is your world and mine is acting. From a starry eyed young girl watching Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews in the Princess Diaries to actually being in a scene with Jack Thompson and Patrick Brammall in the award winning Australian feature Ruben Guthrie, it’s certainly been an adventure thus far and the journey’ s just begun.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” and my something is acting. – Max Lucado