Julia Cotton began her career as a classical dancer with The Australian Ballet. She later joined the Contemporary Dance Company, Australian Dance Theatre and was a founding member & co-director of Etcetera, a performing group appearing in festivals around the World.

As a choreographer Julia has worked with Company B Belvoir – Frogs (directed by Geoffrey Rush), Sydney Theatre Company – The Way of the World (directed by Gale Edwards), Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image – Exotic Pleasures, The Gypsy Boy and The Australian Ballet – Super Man.

Other choreographic credits include productions by Australian Dance Theatre, Etcetera, Tasdance, State Opera of South Australia and South Australian Youth Opera, Sidetrack Performance Group, Freewheels, Death Defying Theatre and Flying Fruit Fly Circus.

Since leaving NIDA in 2009 Julia has worked as a choreographer. Julia currently teaches acting and movement to they students studying our acting courses here at Sydney Actors School.